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Don’t like the new dashboard setup

August 10, 2010

I first heard from a friend about it. His menus opened up over his bloglist and it hindered his ability to go to those blogs from his dash. Hmm, I thought.

Logging in I see the new setup. I go to “My Blogs” and the menu opens to the right. WooHoo I think. Maybe it was a temp glitch or just my friend’s computer luck giving him trouble. So my next move is to try and go over to “New Post”.  Yeah, that’s when it hit me.  By the time I could get the cursor over to the right, the menu disappeared. Ugh. After several attempts I managed to swing over quick enough. It’s like acrobatics getting it over in time. Now I forgot what I originally wanted to post about but I have a new topic.

I understand making things work better, faster, smoother and tweaking new features and updates, honestly I do. What I have seen is coming in a close second to Facebook in changing something everytime I turn around though. Was there an issue people had with the setup of the dash before? If it worked then why try and fix it? I really did like the flow it had before.

Maybe a poll should be sent out with “how would you like this” or should we change that” questions to all the users. I hate surprises. I hate glitches. I hate googling XYZ sucks and seeing how many others hate what a site has done. It’s like the pictures Google tried one day and within hours they had so many complaints they stopped the experiment.

Why do sites continue to do this? Ugh.

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