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Lessons I’ve Learned From Zen – A.C.T.

August 7, 2010

Currently reading (for the 3rd time) a 5 Star book by Shama Hyder Kabani, The Zen of Social Media Marketing. Below are some of the highlights I want to remember for the future.

Successful Online Marketing….think A.C.T.

Attract = attracting traffic to your site

Convert = turning strangers into consumer or customer

Transform = turn successes into magnetic forces of attraction


Publish valuable, relevant and compelling info targeted to customers and prospects.

Brand yourself.  Summarize your brand in one word.

What is your goal outcome? Example: helping business grow by leveraging the internet.

Differentiate. What sets you apart from your competition?

Social platforms are the megaphone for your message.


Strangers can become consumers, customers or both.

  • Consumers “consume” your info. They subscribe to your blog, newsletter  or join your Facebook group.
  • Customers purchase your product or service.

Consumers are just as important. Repeated exposure increase likely hood of becoming a customer (up to 7X first!) This is why you need to have valuable information.

Consumption of Valuable Content + Time = Client

Engage prospective consumers who have questions.  “Content Marketing”

Social Media is a great tool to create consumers and to get “a taste” of your product or service but the #1 tool is your web site. Social Media is the attractor, your site is the selling tool!


Social Proof = theory that we are more likely to do something when we see more people doing it.

Do a good job. The internet amplifies your message.  If you deliver shoddy service, that’s what your message will be, like it or not. If you go above and beyond and the customer has a great experience, then they will praise you high and low and tell all their friends.

Use successes to attract more success. Got a great story of how you helped someone (they sent a letter saying so) then ask if you can use it on your site!

  • Testimonials
  • Case Studies on how customers found solutions
  • Video interviews with clients
  • Audio interviews with customers
  • Pictures of smiling clients with your products

Letting the customers speak for themselves can help leverage social proof and attract more prospects.

So, are you trying to Attract, Convert or Transform? What is your goal? Figure out the strategy then apply the tactic.

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