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Get It, Got It, Good

December 24, 2010

Did you ever see such a sight in your life as three blind mice?

Maybe it’s that I’m not an advertisement genius, or maybe there is a super secret master plan of a lot of social media marketing companies out there that include doing the opposite of what they say you SHOULD be doing to be sucessful in social media.

I’ve done a bit of freelance project fill in time for a few established marketers and I’ve also run and managed my own contract based accounts for almost a year. Monitoring a few accounts to try to boost my own work has been important as well. In all these activities I have come to one conclusion. There are a lot of social media marketing people out there who are as blind as mice.

From what I have seen, they either don’t know, don’t understand or plain just don’t care about how to get results. They are duping their clients into thinking they are working towards certain goals and instead all they do is everything they say you shouldn’t in order to be successful.

Case A: A company hires a marketer to do the FB/Twitter/Blog thing. Ok, they post some articles on the blog and that link goes on the FB and Twitter. Next? NOTHING! No communication with the potential consumer, only ad and article blasting from their blog only. I even tried to see if they monitored the account by using their @ name and asking a question. It went ignored.    FAIL!

Case B: A marketer hires me to increase following on a specific Twitter account but I’m not allowed to post content, only add people that they follow. The content was limited to a few article posts only. When I maxed out people I followed (2000) I asked if I should start to filter the following to delete less relevent and increase more likely to follow back or interact. I was told no, stop all work on that account. The account had a few hundred followers for all the following it had done. Why do people think that the only way to gain followers is to blindly follow a large number? Don’t they understand that a large ratio discrepancy degrades the confidence of potential consumers? Again, no welcomes/thank you’s/hello’s or connections with followers.

Social Media is WORK. Social Media is SOCIAL. It’s about establishing relationships and connections.

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