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Don’t change for me ARRRGGGG!!! Blog Themes!!!

October 8, 2010

Believe it or not, this is not my only blog. I know, hard for you to imagine. 🙂 I have a few for business and work I’m doing and several personal and interest based blogs to keep me happy. Well, almost happy.

One of my first blogs was going along nicely but I got tired of the same look and felt it could use an update. Searching through the various themes offered here on WORDPRESS.COM, I previewed and chose another. Well, my header didn’t translate well and the widgets I had set for my sidebar didn’t carry over. I decided maybe I’d just go back to the old one.

Grass is always greener, right? Well, my codes and settings on the widgets I had were gone, lost forever. I had changed my header pic to fit the “new” theme and now it looked horrible back on the old. Sigh. Instead of looking better I made a mess. So now do I go for the new style or the old since I have to re-do the sidebars no matter what? I think I’ll stay with the new one, might as well but it’s going to take some time and effort to make it what I want again. That is time I didn’t want to spend.

Was it silly or nieve of me to think that WordPress would hold on to my settings so if I switched back to that theme they would be there? I suppose I should have thought of that possibility before hand.

Anyone have this experience in switching themes? Was there a way to save my precious widgets or get them back in case I mess up once more? (Which of course I won’t, even if I hand write what I did before making a move next time) Why did you have to change, oh my beautiful blog? Because someone, being me, took you for granted and didn’t note your intricacies and details before trying to make you something else, and I’m sorry.

Lesson learned.

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